Oenotrians The Oenotrians were an Italic population of the Middle Bronze Age – Iron  Age (IX-VIII century B.C.). Ancient sources tell us that the Oenotrus, Prince  of Arcadia, landed on the shores of the Ionian Sea of Southern Italy, giving rise  to Oenotria. This region was bounded on the north by the river Lao, on the  east by the Sila Plateau, on the south by the Lamezia - Squillace isthmus and  on the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The capital city was Pandosia, built  between the river Agri and the river Sinni. Over these territories, Oenotrus,  king of the Italics, established his domain.  The Oenotrians had settled with their villages in various regions of the Ionian  Area, including in those corresponding to today’s towns of Francavilla  Marittima, Broglio di Trebisacce, Amendolara, Torre Mordillo, Castiglione  Paludi. After the conquest of Sybaris in 720 B.C., the encounter between  the natives and the settlers - i.e. the Oenotrians and the Achaeans of the  Magna Graecia - determined the blending of different cultures. Sybaris was  able to extend its hegemony over the neighboring territories and  populations, forcing the natives either to flee or to get subject to the colonists. 
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