Lagaria Lagaria was an ancient city that was founded, according to the legend, by a  group of Phoenicians (from Phocaea, a city of the Greek Ionia) led by Epeius,   on his way back from the Trojan War. The literary tradition recognizes to  Epeius a very important role. In fact, he was identified with the manufacturer  of the famous wooden horse that allowed the Greeks to conquer the city of Troy. In Lagaria, Epeius raised a sanctuary in honor of his protector: the  goddess Athena. In the Athenaion, the faithful could admire the tools used by  the smart sculptor to create the mythical horse, inspired by the goddess  Athena herself. An aura of mystery surrounds the actual geographical location of Lagaria. The  Greek historian Strabo indicated that the city was situated in Oenotria, along  the Ionian coast of the current region of Calabria, between Sybaris and  Thurioi-Siris-Herakleia (Strabo, VI, I, 14). Various and discordant are the  hypotheses of the experts. Some evidence, stemming from extensive  research and excavation campaigns, lead us to assume that the archeological  site of Timpone della Motta - Macchiabate of Francavilla Marittima (CS)   may actually correspond to the mythical Lagaria.  For further information, please see the website of Associazione per la Scuola  Internazionale d’Archeologia “Lagaria” Onlus.  
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