Francavilla Marittima The town of Francavilla Marittima  in the Province of Cosenza,  Calabria, is located in the Plain of Sybaris on the northern bank of  the Raganello torrent. It was established in the sixteenth century by  the Princes Sanseverino of Bisignano. Its denomination indicates  the “free” territory of the Diocese of Cassano Jonio, where the   farmers could benefit from tax exemptions.  Church “Annunciation of the Lord”  The Church, dedicated to the Annunciation of the Lord, dates back to the  ‘700 and is characterized by an eclectic style. Parish already on the XV  century, it includes two broad aisles, where you can find frescos, wooden  artwork, silverware and processional statues. Patron Saints of Francavilla  Marittima are St. Lucia of Syracuse and St. Cajetan of Thiene.  Miraculous Painting - Church “Lady of the Invalids”  On September 14, 1805, at 1am at night, the miraculous image of the Lady  of the Invalids made its appearance. The prodigious apparition was  announced by the sound of a bell within a little chapel. In such places, the  devotees edified the Church of the Lady of the Invalids.  House of the Divine Providence “Rovitti”  The noble Palace Rovitti of ‘700, with its pure and elegant features, is  surrounded by walls and adorned with internal gardens. The last  descendants left the Palace to the Bishop of the Diocese of Cassano Jonio  (CS), who converted it in the so-called “House of the Divine Providence”,  charitable institution in favor of the poor, the orphans and the elderly.  Cernostasi Forest  Among the copious natural beauties, the Cernostasi Forest stands out.  There you can admire oaks and other typical Mediterranean trees: wild  olive, holm-oak, lentisk, asparagus. The flora is characterized by the  fragrance of medicinal plants and the scent of oleanders, broom, saffron,  orchids, poppy, sowbread and daisies. Among faunal species, there are  kestrel, owl, wild boar, fox, beech-marten, badger, hedgehog, porcupine  and viper. Other areas of interest are Timpa del Castello, Timpa Oliviero,  Scosa Spring and Aría.  For further information, please visit the Virtual Museum of Francavilla  Marittima  
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