Programme The Festival Internazionale della Sibaritide, Città di Lagaria will be held  on August 22, 23 24, 2014. It will take place at the Archeological Park Timpone  della Motta-Macchiabate and the Stadium “Lagaria” of Francavilla Marittima (CS).    Full Programme Available Here
Day 1: Holy Worship. The first day will focus on rituals and religious ceremonies dedicated to the gods. The Ancient Greeks used to sanctify the colonized lands through the establishment of places of worship. This was done to ensure the gods’ protection over the colonies. Archaeological evidence shows that, in many cases, pre-existing religious cults were maintained also after the Greek’s takeover. Many findings coming from the sanctuary of Timpone della Motta at Francavilla Marittima (CS) - dedicated to the goddess Athena - confirm the coexistence of the Greeks and the Oenotrians, i.e. the indigenous Italics who had settled with their dwellings, before the conquest of Sybaris (720 BC). Day 2: Arts and Crafts. The second day will display arts and crafts of the ancient civilizations of the Plain of Sybaris. Attention will be paid to the art-work and techniques of that population that was settled in the area corresponding to today’s Archaeological Park Timpone della Motta-Macchiabate in Francavilla Marittima (CS). There will be simulations of  textile production by loom, techniques of hand forging and creation of jewelry, pottery and ceramics as well as carpentry and woodworking. According to the myths, the famous Trojan Horse was built with wood coming exactly from this area.  Day 3: Race with Horses and Chariots. The third day will show a race of horses with athletes on wooden chariots. The Sybarite cavalry was very famous for its strength and power. According to the legend, Sybaris’ horses even knew how to dance to the sound of the flute. The competition will take place in the presence of Oenotrian-Greek aristocratic families, who used to attend events of this sort,organized in their honor. At the end of the race, there will be the official proclamation of the winner, who will receive a prize. Subsequently, there will be celebratory processions, games and dances, to please the aristocratic families and the audience. HOME STAFF PROGRAMME PARTNERS&SPONSORS PRESS GALLERY CONTACT
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